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Car wash and BBQ

30th Apr 2005 - 02:21am Daily Scribble
Contrary to last night, I went to BBQ at Jackson’s place with a big group of colleagues tonight. I arrived a bit earlier so I also washed my car using Jackson’s fancy car washing equitments. He got everything a car washing shop has,…

night life

29th Apr 2005 - 02:53am Daily Scribble
I think I am really getting old. Tonight I went to a bar, Bar None, in Yale Town with Pat and her friend, I found myself not really enjoying going to those places, I think the music is too noise and meaningless, the people there are doing nothing really…

Talk to the CEO

28th Apr 2005 - 02:17am Daily Scribble
Today during lunch Bob Bailey, the CEO of PMC, sat with our table. I knew this is going to happen when we picked his usual table in the first place. This is the first time I had ever talked to him since I joined the company. He is pretty much up to my expectation,…


27th Apr 2005 - 10:27pm Daily Scribble
I’m so upset today, my website at home got hacked and the front page is defaced. I suspect it is due to a loop hole in the Apache server since port 80 is the only port opened to my linux box thru the router. So I patched Apache to the latest version…

time keeper

26th Apr 2005 - 01:17am Daily Scribble
My name Horace is originated from the God of time keeping in Greek (not Geek) mythology. I used this the opening line in my Toastmaster timer speech. Unfortunately, a good opening doesn’t lead to a smooth ending. I had too many um/ah and…

enoki mushroom beef roll

25th Apr 2005 - 12:36am Daily Scribble
Tonight, I made enoki mushroom beef roll for dinner the first time. I spent quite some time in preparing it and the out come is very delicious. This is the latest addiction to my favourate recipe. Other than that, nothing much happened today,…


24th Apr 2005 - 11:11pm Daily Scribble
Apirl is the tax season of the year, and people are busy in preparing their tax returns. With only 1 week left before the filing deadline, I finally started preparing my tax return tonight. I have been a loyal customer to Quicktax for many years.…


23rd Apr 2005 - 01:48am Daily Scribble
Lately, I’m getting in touch with my feminine side more often. Today I had tried my first facial treatment. Pat had bugged me to have facial treatment with her for quite some time. Today I finally gave in and go with her. Luckily, the beauty…

food festival

22nd Apr 2005 - 01:11am Daily Scribble
This weekend the annual Eat! Vancouver food festival is taking place in BC Place. I went to the first day of the show after work with Pat. The ticket price is $12 regular, $10 with a donation to the food bank. So I bring along some old canned food digged…


21st Apr 2005 - 12:35am Daily Scribble
I havn’t played badminton for the past two weeks, today I found my skill level had dropped alot. The weekly badminton game has less and less player, Jason, Edwin and Anson havn’t came for a long time. I can only play with those Mandarin…
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