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The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not ‘Eureka!’ but ‘That’s funny…’.

— Issac Asimov


Catch up

31st Aug 2005 - 09:01pm Daily Scribble
There are many things I have to catch up after I come back from my trip. One thing is I have to download the mp3 published in boxup while I was away. I found thate Ronald Cheung new CD is really good, almost every song has a good melody. He spent most…

Life back to normal

30th Aug 2005 - 10:09pm Daily Scribble
I am still in a holiday mood today, even though I had to go back to work. I spent the whole day catching up all my emails and unpacking the boxes since I had moved my cube while I was away. The schedule suddenly become much tighter when some additional…

Rest of the day

29th Aug 2005 - 07:15pm Daily Scribble
Today I was sleeping until dinner time, if it is not Pat woke me up by calling me, I could very well sleep all the way until next morning. It is really tried after the long trip, and I had catched up my emails and postings last night. Still I havn’t…

Coming home

28th Aug 2005 - 07:23pm Daily Scribble
Finally, I am home after three of travel of travel in France and Germany. This trip is more a prilgrimage than a vacation, I had visited many spiritual places on top of attending the world youth day. Other than staying in Paris for a week, I had been…


4th Aug 2005 - 10:13pm Daily Scribble
Tomorrow I will be flying to Germany and started my three weeks pilgrimage to see the Pope in the World Youth Day. As usual I pack my stuff at the night before departure. This time is quite difference from my previous trip. In the past, either I am…


3rd Aug 2005 - 09:39pm Daily Scribble
Visit the school clinic at SFU, to see the doctor about my allergies. She gave me some ornment, and I feel better after applying it. I don’t feel that itchy anymore. Allergy is caused by over reaction of the immune system. It seems more and…

Cadence and my friend’s love story

2nd Aug 2005 - 07:01pm Daily Scribble
I had to come to work early today to meet up with the representative from Cadence. Somehow I am chose to baby sit them, give them the requirement from the team. I have a feeling they come to help us just because they want to have Cadence’s product…


1st Aug 2005 - 07:33pm Daily Scribble
Today had been a long day. I woke up at seven to be the groomsmen of Stuart. Although I am friend to both Maggie and Stuart, I still have no idea why he pick me. Anyways, the morning starts with some fun. The brotherhood first met up at Westwood Plateau…