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Sports fans

30th Mar 2006 - 07:31pm Daily Scribble
I am not a crazy sport fans. I like watching hockey and socceer, but I won’t follow the score of every game in the season. I would start watching when the team is in the playoff or in international tournament. I won two tickets to watch Canucks…

How not to date a girl

29th Mar 2006 - 01:00am Daily Scribble
This is a true story happen to a friend of mine. This guy like this girl for many years, everyone knows about this. He had made several attempts but all failed. Here is his latest attempt. He got some hockey tickets from his friend, he decided to…


28th Mar 2006 - 09:44pm Daily Scribble
I brought my Tomy Bitchar-G mini remote control AE86 back to my office. I put it in my cubilce as my new cubicle toy. I have bought it for a few years, but never have any chance to play it at home. The motor of the car is not powerful enough to run on home…

Personal traits.

27th Mar 2006 - 08:19pm Daily Scribble
Today I spent all my morning unpacking the boxes in my new cubicle and setting it up. The new cubicle is located on the east side of the building and because of that I found the temperature is hotter than my old cubicle due to sun shine in the morning.…


26th Mar 2006 - 08:03pm Daily Scribble
This weekend I am taking CSIA level 1 again. I took it two years ago and failed. After two more years of practice and a lot more mileage, I think I am more prepared this time. Moreover, my instructor last week told me to give it a try. Althought, the…

Boot camp

24th Mar 2006 - 07:34pm Daily Scribble
I have a friend who recently quited PMC, moved back to China joining Huawai as a marketing engineer. The job description seems pretty normal when he applied and interviewed for the job. Before he starts, he was told that he will have a two weeks…

Move cubicle

23rd Mar 2006 - 09:08pm Daily Scribble
I just recived a move cubicle notice today where the move is tomorrow. They only give me 1 day notice to pack my stuff. It really throw my work schedule off since it pretty mcuh costs half a day to pack and another half a day to unpack. I prefer to have…


22nd Mar 2006 - 10:36pm Daily Scribble
Tonight I cooked in my new home for the first time. I have been too busy to cook for the past two weeks since I moved in. Although what I did was really cook rice and vegetable and heating my food supply left by my mom’s last visit. I am a bit sick…

Personal touch

21st Mar 2006 - 09:43pm Daily Scribble
My new home is almost finish all the arrangment. I have bought some new furnitures and make the place pleasent to live. Pat has complained that my place lack a personal touch. She said it is too boring without colourful decoration and lack of personal…

Toy display

20th Mar 2006 - 08:48pm Daily Scribble
I have came to the final stage of moving to a new place. The only thing left to make my home complete is take my toys out from the box and put them in the display cabinet. I used to have one display cabinat from Ikea and it ran out of space before I moved.…
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