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Bank time

31st Aug 2006 - 07:55pm Daily Scribble
This morning I took my car to service. It turn out the problem I had is software bug in the transmission control system. The service center download a new firmware to my energy and the problem is fixed. I am surprised an auto have bugs causing the…

Engine problem

30th Aug 2006 - 08:21pm Daily Scribble
My car has an engine problem on my way home after dinner tonight. The ETC and engine warning light is on, I can feel the car is losing power in low RPM and the RPM meter is swinging up and down wildly. I turned off the car, waited a while and re-ignite…

P.Eng practice exam

28th Aug 2006 - 08:54pm Daily Scribble
I recieved the result for my P.Eng practice exam. I passed. The biggest hurdle to acqure my professional status is behind me. The remaining tasks are only paper work. All I have to do is kindly remind my boss to send out the reference letter then…

Civil wedding

27th Aug 2006 - 08:29pm Daily Scribble
This is the first time I went to a civil wedding. I have always went to church weddings in the past. Today it is the big day of Alfred and Jeannet. They have the wedding ceremony held in VanDusen Garden. They had setup a hugh white tent in the middle…

Yard work

26th Aug 2006 - 03:03pm Daily Scribble
Last year when we went to World Youth Day, we had a fund raising auction dinner. One of the auction item is the whole group served as slave labour for the winning family. Today we came to fullfill our promise. Our task is to do yard work. It is the most…


25th Aug 2006 - 07:08pm Daily Scribble
My company just has another layoff today. The headquarter is safe, they only closed the Ottawa site. The CEO held a staff update but his talk is just the same old bullshit. I joked with my co-workers that I know how to say those BS too, maybe I can…

Mandarin class

24th Aug 2006 - 09:11pm Daily Scribble
Tonight, I finished my mandarin for cantonese speakers level 1. My mandarin still pretty bad, I can barely communicate with a patient mandarin speaker. I think I had learnt the pronouncations of about 100 new characters in the class. I have…

Tales of two BBQ

22nd Aug 2006 - 08:53pm Daily Scribble
Today I have BBQ for lunch and BBQ for dinner. The tenant of our office building has the annual BBQ today at lunch. We are not informed until yesterday, or we would not schedule BBQ party of our project in the same day. The whole team get off work early…

Passion for toys

20th Aug 2006 - 08:13pm Daily Scribble
This afternoon I had a good time with Kenny touring toy shops in Richmond. He is one of my friends whom I known in the most weird place. I met him in arcade and somehow became good friends, probably due to our love towards toys and anime. Well, he is…

TTF friends

19th Aug 2006 - 11:08pm Daily Scribble
Tonight I went out to have dinner with friends in the TTF forum. One of them is visiting Vancouver from LA, so we have a small group of five people come out to meet each other. I discuss various issuses (a.k.a. blow water) with them in the forum for…
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