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Pen spinning

Almost all HK students know how to spinning pens. The basic is very simple, you spin a pen among your fingers. Most often it is a subconcious action that your finger simply start spinning the pen when you are not writing. I know only two styles of pen spinning. I learnt the horizontal spin in my English OAC summer class. It was my lab-partner-to-be, Leon, who taught me how to spin forward and backward. He can even spin pens with both hands simultanously. Later on I pick ed up veritical spin from Mingwai, but I forgot under what circumstance. The veritical spin is easier to do, and the pen falls off to the table less often. When I was young, my parents told me spinning pen is bad habit. I still don’t quite understand what is so bad among it. Ok, if you spin badly and keep making noise, it is quite annoying to others. I remember one of my teacher back in Lasalle always spin her pen. It just looks cool. Today I came across a pen spinning website, in which there are instructions to different styles and demostration videos. There are some really cool pen spinning stunts I don’t even know about. I only know the two most basic sytles. If I am much younger, say still in highschool, probably I will follow the instruction of the website and practice pen spinning for my own amusement. I am just too old to learn this kind of useless things. You can check out the pen spinning stunts following this link

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  • The first time I ever saw pen-spinning was in my first year of university because I went to one near a large city with many Chinese people and previously I had no Chinese classmates in high school.
    Your blog is fun to read – it’s really great to see you working daily at expressing yourself and you WILL improve! =)

  • Thankyou for you encouragement.

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