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Computer for Schools

My old computer and monitor has been sitting in my living room blocking the hallway for almost 2 months. Finally I took it for donation today. There is a computer recycling service Computer for School sponsered by the government. They take in any old computer, refurbish them and send it off to schools. The old computers are good enough to run not-so demanding but still useful applications. Kids in poor family can also apply for a refurbish computer for basic word processing. The best part is I can get tax recept for my donation. The recycling depot is hard to find, hiding behind a junk yard in some factory building. I never see so many used computer in a single warehouse. There are at least a thousand of old CPUs and monitors waiting to send to those needed. Anyways, donate old computer to help the under budget school board is a meaningful thing. I just read from the Economist that there is a scientific proof of linkage between charity and happiness. When you give to the charity, the reward center of your brain will be stimulated. I guess I am quite happy today.

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