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Horatio Sunchest

This is my new nickname at work, a foosball buddy start it first. Nickname used to be a shorten form of the original name, but somehow it is new a fashion to give people a more complicate name. I guess it just sounds more sophisticated. I know where the first part comes from. Horatio is ancient spelling of Horace in England. I have absolutely no idea where the word Sunchest comes from. It sounds like German though. We also have a few more expanded nicknames. Mike King is now called Michael Koniginnen, Chris Ong is now called Christopher Ongsling. All I can tell is that the second part of both nickname also sounds like German. I found this form of pro-longed nickname is kinda fun. We should expand the scope and give more people this kind of nickname.

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  • It’s a great sign that you’re accepted if they find you a nickname as well. Are you sure it’s spelled “Sunchest”? Perhaps they are calling you “Sanchez” – a far more common, but Spanish, surname. Either way, you understand the dynamics of your office (i.e., your inside jokes) to understand your nickname. All I can tell is that “Koniginnen” looks like “Konig,” the German word for King. ANyhow, it’s all in fun!

  • Actually, Koniginnen means queen. Hee hee..

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