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Classic love songs

Pat gave me a very cute CD of little kids singing classic love songs. I was playing it in my car these days. I drove a few friends at work to lunch today and they have some interesting response to the CD. One guy first comment that it is church songs, which is not true. After I pointed out those are classic love songs, he made an excuse by claiming he is too young to know those songs. The fact is that he is the oldest person in the car and some younger one recongize the songs. He just show his lack of knowledge in classic love songs. Then another person criticize the singing and said that he like the original version better. How can you compare the singing skill of a 10 years old kid with the super stars? He just don’t know how to apprepiate the cuteness in the kids’ voice, which is the differentiating factor of the CD. I guess someone really lack the cultural capacity to enjoy the CD. He fled my car after lunch to get a ride from someone back to work. I will play this CD whenever he get a ride with me. I think with more listening training, he will learn to not scared by the cute classic love songs sang by kids.

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