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Class cancelled

Today my philosophy class is cancelled and I only found out seeing the notes in front of the class room. I wasted almost an hour went to downtown campus and came back. There is no easy way to notify the students not to come when a class is cancelled. Email is not very reliable since people rarely check their emails before get on the sky train. Online bulletin is equally useless since most people won’t check it regularly. Phone call can ganruntee the students will get the message but it may not be feasible to call the students one by one. Maybe the university should have a voice machine like the one used by telemarketer. You just have to register your phone number and the classes you are taking. The system will notify you when the class is cancelled. Students won’t mind machine voice as long as they are informed so their time is not wasted. There ain’t many class cancel every day and each messge is short, so a small machine can probably handle the work load of the whole university. Now the professor has skipped a class which I have paid for. Should the school refund 1/12 of my $500 tuition?

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