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This week’s Super 7 lottery has a jackpot of 27 million. As usual, I would by a ticket if the jacket is over 10 million and I happen to stop by the lottery booth. I mentioned I bought the ticket during lunch, one of my friend promptly asked me to buy him a new car if I won the jackpot. I thought for a while and refused him. He complained that I should be more generous since it brings good luck. I responsed him that winning lottery has nothing to do with luck, it is an independent event that is unaffected by anything you do. Moreover, if I promise to buy a new car to one of my friends, then I would have to be fair to all my friend and buy them new cars as well. The number of my friends and Pat’s friends combined is quite large, that would be unfeasible even with a large jackpot. Although I promised to treat all of them a really fancy dinner if I won the jackpot. Those people who lightly promise new cars to their friends if they win the jackpot, don’t really believe they can win. If you do the math, you will find buying a new car to each of your friend would cost you almost 10% of your jackpot. You have to think positive if you truely believe in mircale can happen. The money could be better spend elsewhere if I really can’t keep it to myself, say donate it to a charity of my choice. How much happiness can you buy by giving your friends new cars? How much happiness can you buy by knowing you can make a life difference to hundreds of people? It is obvious that buying your friends new cars is not a wise investment. Treating all of them to a nice vacation with me would probably maximize my happiness from sharing my good fortune with my friends. Just for your information, I didn’t win the 27 millions jackpot, but I already bought a new ticket for the 30 million jackpot next week. It is pointless to ask me for new cars, but suggestions of vacation destination are welcome.

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