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My website is moved

The linux box at home is completely dead. Luckily I manage to salvage all my blog entries and articles I wrote in the past 2 years. I am still painfully first zip my my files and then ftp them to my PC in linux rescue mode. I figure that I don’t have the luxury to host my webiste in my own linux server. Therefore I am going to move my website to my hosting company. Since I already paid to have my own domain, I should also use their hosting service, which is included in in the package.

I am going to make a few changes to my site. I will merge my chinese articles into my blog. Keeping the articles in a separate forum outside of the blog is not very reader friendly. If I customize my blog, add index pages for my articles, wordpress is as good as the forum. I am still thinking about how to keep the forum alive. A forum needs many people joining the discussions, and lots of interesting topics to discuss with. I have an idea to setup an internet book reader club in the forum.
The only drawback of the move is that I no longer have unlimit disk space to store my photo album. I am thinking whether or not I should post photos along side my blog. If I planned to target my blog to general audience, people do not know me personally, then I may not want to expose my private life too much. I know I am going to write about flaming social or moral issues, which will be the selling point of my blog.

The new address of my website is http://www.horace.org

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