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World Press Photo of the Year

World Press Photo of the Year

This picture is the World Press Photo of the Year 2006, taken by Spencer Platt in Beirut right after the Isreal bombing. According to the commentaries, this photo is great because the complex structure in the photo triggers the reader to think. The youngster in the fancy car in the front seems out of place in the war ruins at the back. I tried hard to think about the meaning of this photo, all I can tell is that there are two cute girls in the car. I guess even in war zones, there is always advantages for beautiful girls who have connections to the rich and powerful. While some people’s lifies are in jeapody for losing their home, some can still enjoy their day cruising in a convertable.

I also checked out the gallery of previous World Press Photo of the Year. The famous 6-4 photo with a guy standing in front of tanks is among the winning photos. Most of the winning pictures have a third world theme, usually images of wars, killing, hungry or poor people. It seems only tragedies can make good news photos. Half of the pictures are in black and white, probably just for stupid artistic reason. This year’s photo is an exception, a welcome change from those unpleasant pictures from previous years.

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