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Seachoice I love seafood, especially fish and scallops. I love eating seafood today and I want to eat seafood 20 years from now. That’s why we should eat responsibly by only purchaing sustainable fisheries. Many seafood species are on the verge of extinction due to over harvesting. It is important to maintain the fish stock in the ocean or our food chain will collapse eventually.

Seachoice.org is an excellent website that educate the fish lovers to eat smart. It sorts seafood species into 3 categories: green being harvesting with sustainability, feel free to eat; yellow being with some concern, don’t eat to much; and red being in the danger of extinction, should be avoid until the population recover. They have pocket size seachoice card, so you know want to order when you visit a seafood restaurant next year. Seachoice is not those sissy animal rights saying killing fish is wrong. Seachoice is for the benefit of mankind, so that our future generation can still enjoy eating fish. Therefore, all seafood lovers should support seachoice.

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