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Aftermaths of long vacation

I just come back form a 3 weeks long vacation in HK.  Every time I go to a long vacation, there are tons of aftermaths waiting me come back to deal with.  When I am on vacation, I couldn’t do laundry often.  Together with the dirty clothes before my vacation, I have to wash 4 loads of clothes, double the amount of my usual load.  Three weeks is not a long time, but my mail box is already full of bills and junk mails.  It took me quite some time to sort out my mail and to my surprise, I receive a X’mas card from an old friend.  Too bad that it is too late to send him a reply.  Thanks Lenny.  I do have internet access in HK, so I am up to date with my personal email.  However, I won’t check my work email while I am on vacation, my mailbox is really full.  It took me almost a day to clear the pile, catch up with the discussions and make response to those not so urgent questions.  Nevertheless, the most time consuming task is to catch up the last 3 issues of Economist.  On average it takes 3 hours to read one issues, so I am still at least 9 hours aways cleaning up the long vacation aftermath.

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