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Andy’s wedding

Tonight I went to my best friend, Andy’s wedding. I flew all the way from Vancouver back to Toronto, staying a weekend just to attend this wedding. This wedding is quite special to me, because I was the match maker. I introduced Winnie to Andy many years ago. I have done many match making and it is the only one that has a happy ending. In Andy and Winnie’s wedding website, each of them have wrote an entry on how they met. The two version is not exactly the same, yet I think I am one of the few who know the real version. I guess everyone tends to modify their own memory to only remember a better version of the reality.

It’s funny to see my college grad ball date again tonight. When I was in the forth year, I was single, so does a few of my friends. Winnie was so kind that she ask some of her friends to be our dates, so that we don’t have to go to the grad ball alone. My grad ball date was the maid of honor of Winnie. I didn’t keep in touch with her after graduation, so I am quite surprise to see her.

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