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Firefox 3

Firefox 3

Firefox 3 is released today!  I have been a long time firefox fans, so naturally I downloaded the latest version at once.  The installation went very smoothly, it only took a few minutes.  Unlike the long and troublesome IE7 upgrade which took almost half an hour and rebooted my machine twice.  On the surface, Firefox 3 is almost identical to the older version, except a few minor cosmetic update.  Under the hook, it’s the new Gecko rendering engine.  Firefox 3 seems running a lot faster than Firefox 2.  However I don’t know it’s deal to the new engine or due to almost half of my add-ons are disabled for not compatible with the latest release.  According to the latest number, Firefox 3 has over 500 millions download and counting. If you are still using IE7, it’s about time to switch.  Come and join us in the bright side.  Why surf the net on a 2nd rated browser?

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