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New Year Resolution 2009

Last year, I did not make any new year resolution. My attitude towards new year resolution swings between two extremes. In some years, I think it is a great motivator, but in other years, I think it is totally useless. Last year I have accomplished quite a few things. My biggest accomplishment was becoming a married man, moved on into the next stage of life. The next biggest accomplishment is that I spent almost 3 months working in India. It’s tough, but it is really an eye opener. I haven’t accomplish anything after I move in with Pat in the last two months. Probably that’s why I am feeling anguish recently. In order to find peace in mind, I should start making a plan for 2009. Here is my to-do list for the coming year.

– Have a baby
(Oh well, this one is out of my control)

– Write the PMP exam
(hopefully, the company is paying for it)

– Take CSIA level 2 exam
(I might fail, but I still want to try)

– Get the hunter license
(I just need 1 weekend free time, probably do it after the ski season)

– Take one philosophy course per term
(my challenge is to find a quiet study time)

– Practice shooting once a week
(probably lack of shooting practice is another reason why I am feeling anguish)

– Learn how to maintain my AR-15 first, so that I can try it.
(haven’t touch it since I got it)

– Upgrade the WordPress installation in horace.org
(my blog system is really out of date)

– Toronto trip in May for Leon’s wedding

– HK/Asia trip in X’mas for Mingwai’s wedding

– More India travel (?)

– Balance my TV/anime/movie/books appetite
(In 2008, I only read 15 books and watched 17 anime and 45 movies/TV)

– Stop wasting time watching Fairchild TV every night.

– Write blog everyday!

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