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Last year, I was invite to give a talk to grade six student on career day about my work. A student asked me what is the working hours like. I told him engineers work flexible hours. They don’t understand what’s flexible hours, so the teacher explained to them that I can come to work any time I like, go home any time I like and take breaks as much as I want. The idea of flexible hours seems novel to the students and they all say that’s cool. Then the teacher use the chance to teach them the importance of time management. Maybe I should tell the students, flexible hours is not cool in reality.

Flexible hours does not mean shorter hours, in fact it is often longer hours. Engineers’ work is project based, as long as we meet the dead line and show up in the meeting, to some extend we have the freedom of when and where to work. In other nine to five jobs, they have day in day out tasks. If you take a day off or have a sick day, someone have already covered your work for you. But in our job, if you take a day off, your tasks are still sitting there waiting for you come back and finish them. I end up working extra hours before my vacation so I can get all my the tasks out of my way. The only time I enjoy flexible hours is down time between projects. I can take the benefit of flexible hours by having a shorter work day if I don’t have much to do.

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  • 彈性工時類似home office或freelance,後二者是我的目標。




    • 香港地方細﹐home office有難度。如果屋企有自己間書房﹐做home office倒不錯。我地hi-tech的flex-hours﹐其實同普通打工無乜分別﹐不過多少少時間上的自由吧了。Freelance冇乜job security﹐除非做到好出名﹐人地排住隊搵你﹐ 如果做完一單要等下一單開飯﹐都幾愁。

  • 名氣的確重要,我不可能是陶傑,惟有分散投資,一兩份兼職,加一兩份freelance。


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  • 更正:如果「不用」整日困在辦公室……

  • startup?試過啦,以前讀夜校,不成功,便成仁,辛苦到不得了,堪稱startup中既經典,呢家野,試一次就夠,多試傷身。

    相反,我估你應該未試過由零開始、絕地反擊,拿,人一世,物一世,點都要試下,甘樣先至不枉此生,與其打死一世工,不如辭職,搞間電腦工程公司,自己做老闆,plan B最多米叫尊夫人勤力D law。

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