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Free the Radio Spectrum

29th Jun 2010 - 01:57pm News Clips
Free the underused radio spectrum will make our smart phone data plan much much cheaper. Imagine how much more data the cell phone company can carry in just one of those ancient inefficient TV radio channel.BY James Losey, Sascha Meinrath,…


26th Jun 2010 - 03:47pm 遊記

MS-06R-2 Zaku II High Mobility Type

25th Jun 2010 - 09:54pm Pictures
MS-06R-2 Zaku II High Mobility Type…

DAC Technical Review (Day 4,5)

23rd Jun 2010 - 01:10am Daily Scribble
The exhibition floor is over in day 4 and 5. In day 4, I attended user track presentation on verification and a technical session on What input language for HLS. In day 5, I attended a workshop on Software Engineering using Agile Software Development…


22nd Jun 2010 - 10:10pm Pictures

MS-05 Zaku I

22nd Jun 2010 - 09:40pm Pictures
MS-05 Zaku I…

DAC Technical Review (Day 3)

17th Jun 2010 - 01:20am Daily Scribble
In the 3rd day of DAC, I went to the user track presentation on formal verification, checked out the booth of Onespin, Jasper, SpringSoft, Tuscany, AMIQ, Starnet, Forte Design System and Cypber WorkBench User track presentation on formal…

DAC Technical Review (Day 2)

16th Jun 2010 - 08:16am Daily Scribble
In the 2nd day of DAC, I attended a technology Session Bridging pre-silicon verification and post-silicon validation, a user track presentation on An Open Database for the Open Verification Methodology Synopsys VCS demo and verification…

DAC 2010 Technical Report (Day 1)

15th Jun 2010 - 12:11am Daily Scribble
Today is the report of my first day in DAC. I signed up to a full day technical workshop Choosing Advanced Verification Methodology. After the workshop ended at 3:30p, I managed to checked out a few companies in the exhibition floor Vennsa Technologyies,…

DAC 2010 – First Impression

14th Jun 2010 - 10:53pm Daily Scribble
This is the first time I am going to the Design Automation Conference (DAC) conference or any industry conference. It is really an eye opener for me. When I first started working in PMC during the dot-com bubble days, the company promised send…
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