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Why Money Makes You Unhappy

30th Jul 2010 - 11:17pm News Clips
Everyone knows the law of diminish of return from high school economics textbook. How come the writer sounds like they have discover something now. The more money you have, you will need even more money to give you the same happiness. It’s…

WordPress 3.0

29th Jul 2010 - 12:07am Daily Scribble
I am using WordPress for my blog. WordPress just released 3.0 Last month. I have been putting the upgrade on hold for a while since I was too busy at work and at home. I finally have some time to backup the database, the blog installation directory…

Plants vs Zombies

25th Jul 2010 - 10:24pm 遊戲

Chess Analysis #1

25th Jul 2010 - 02:54am Daily Scribble
Inspired by my friend’s blog, I joined chess.com in Facebook. I played a few blitz games with random people online. I found playing live human is more fun than playing computer because computer does not make blunder moves. My record is…

In Bruges 殺手沒有假期

25th Jul 2010 - 12:14am 電影

YF-21 Sturmvogel II

24th Jul 2010 - 10:59pm Pictures

Toy Story 3 反斗奇兵3

22nd Jul 2010 - 12:26am 電影

Despicable Me 壞蛋獎門人

20th Jul 2010 - 11:22pm 電影

Socialist workers

20th Jul 2010 - 12:48am News Clips
China is reaching the turning-point, India is probably not far behind. Where the outsourcing will go next? Africa or Middle East?…

Hong Kong’s economy, End of an experiment

17th Jul 2010 - 09:39pm News Clips
The minimum wage legislation marks the last straw for Hong Kong’s death. The city is still there, but it is no longer the city once famous for its economy freedom. In 20 years, we will see whose economical policy is right, Cowperthwaite…
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