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If knowledge can create problems, it is not through ignorance that we can solve them. — Isaac Asimov


人形軟件(卷二) 生死之輪 – 譚劍

29th Aug 2011 69 0 書評
人形軟件二 譚劍,香港僅存唯一的科幻小說作家,當了他的讀者這麼多年,上次回香港時剛好他的新小說出版,便跑去旺角二樓書店買。買了放在背包中,坐車時等人時翻看,還未離開香港便已看完。這次「人形軟件」卷二拖了很久才出版,譚劍看來真的把卷二作出重大改動,上次卷一書未的預告,明明說「在東京秋葉原某個格仔店裏,善兵待沽的機械人」,可是書中機械人卻到了仙台,希望卷三能夠如期出書吧。…

Programming Linguistics – David Gelernter and Suresh Jagannathan

29th Aug 2011 109 2 書評
Programming Linguistics 早前因工作上的需要,要設計一個新的程式語言,在網上找參考資料時,遇上了這本早已絕版的奇書。差不多每篇有關程式語言設計的論文,必定引用這本書。這引發我的好奇心,於是我大學的圖書館中,找來這本書借來一讀。不看猶自可看罷方知自已井蛙觀天,雖然自中學以來寫了程式超過二十多年,卻從來沒有思考過何謂程式這個最基本的問題。一直還以為自已寫程式功夫不錯,原來不過是學到幾個招式套拳的外功,這本書說的卻是寫程式的易筋經心法。讀過這本書,面對任何程式語言,也都可以一理通百理明。…

Do Romantic Thoughts Reduce Women’s Interest in Engineering?

27th Aug 2011 71 3 News Clips
If romance reduce girls’ pursuit in engineering, probably the reverse is also true that girls choose engineering have less interest in romance as well. They should do a follow up research and survey a large sample of engineering girls,…

My first IPSC competition

13th Aug 2011 119 0 Daily Scribble
IMG_0809 I just completed my first IPSC competition today. I took the black badge course last year and it is required to complete one match to be fully certified. Unlike the elaborate match setup in the movies “double tap” or “triple…

History of Work Ethic

7th Aug 2011 35 0 News Clips
I like Plato’s idea that wisdom is directly proportion the amount of leisure time a person has. To Plato, leisure does not mean indulge yourself in brainless entertainment, it means time for thinking and exercise of the mind. When my…

The trouble with outsourcing

4th Aug 2011 31 0 News Clips
I totally agree with the problem of outsourcing. Only simple, repetitive tasks that are easy to QA are suitable to outsource. For complex tasks, it takes more time to write the contracts and specifications for outsourcing than actually doing…