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Death does not concern us, because as long as we exist, death is not here. And when it does come, we no longer exist.

— Epicurus



My CD collections

西村由紀江 Yukie Nishimura

51JnUll4iWL._SX300_ My Stories


フレデリック・バック meets 西村由紀江

Smile Best ~selfcover collection~



Vitnamin Vitanmin

Yukie 2007 CD あなたが輝くとき

Yukie Best of Best Best of Best ~20 Songs~

Helen the Fox 映画「子ぎつねヘレン」オリジナル・サウンド・トラック

Ear 耳をすまして

Happy しあわせのかたち

You Think 君が想い出になる前に

Door 扉をあけよう

Tomorrow 明日のために

Best ~1986 しあわせまでもう少し

Gentle 優しさの意味

Wind 風が生まれる瞬間

Letter 自分への手紙

Ballistic Kiss 殺殺人‧跳跳舞 Ballistic Kiss

Earth Song 大地のうた

month brim 月いろのつばさ

Blue Horizon Blue Horizon

virgin Virgin

time_shine 時の輝き

good mourning グッドモーニング~GOOD MOURNING~

graceful graceful

Super Best

dear 親愛なる者へ

moon MOON

101 Propose 101回目のプロポーズ

vi_ji_n Vi・Ji・N

wind_color_dream 風色の夢

lespoir L’espoir~レスポワール~

lumiere Lumiere~地図のない季節~

fascination Fascination

Dolce Dolce

Lyrisme Lyrisme

Angelique耳をすまして Angelique耳をすまして

Anime Soundtrack:

Animage Best Sympthony

Laputa – Sympthony

Laputa – Original Soundtrack

Laputa – Image Album

Nausicaa – Symphony

Nausicaa – Hi-Tech Series

Porco Rosso – Orignal Soundtrack

Kiki’s Delivery Service – Original Soundtrack

Evangelion – Symphony

Evangelion – Death

Evangelion – The End of Evangelion

Akira – Symphoic Suite

Akira – Original Soundtrack

Patlabor – Theme Collection vol.2

Patlabor – Phase III

Patlabor 2 – pre Soundtrack

Gundam F91 – Symphonic Poem

Gundam 0080 – Sound Sketch I

Nadia – The Secret of Blue Water

Nadia – Movie Soundtrack

Macross II – Original Soundtrack I

Macross II – Original Soundtrack II

Macross Plus – Original Soundtrack

Macross – Suite Macross

Macross – Vocal Collection

Macross – BGM Collection

Macross – Jam Trip 1800

Lengend of Galatic Heros – Soundtrack Boxset

Movie Soundtrack:

Starwars – A New Hope

Starwars – The Empire Strikes Back

Starwars – Return of Jedi

The Hunt for Red October


Top Gun

Once Upon a Time in America

2001 A Space Odyssey

Home Alone

Forrest Gump

Jurassic Park

Back to the Future Part II

The Silence of the Lambs


Highlights from the Phantom of the Opera

Empire Classic Movie Music

Easy Listening:

Joe Hisaishi – I am Joe Hisaishi

Joe Hisaishi – My Lost City

Joe Hisaishi – Best Collection of Joe Hisaishi I

Joe Hisaishi – Best Collection of Joe Hisaishi I

Joe Hisaishi – Pretender

Kitaro – The Light of the Spirit

Kitaro – Dream

George Winston – December

George Winston – Forest

西崎崇子 – 梁祝/黃河

西崎崇子 – 愛上一個不回家的人

西崎崇子 – 似夢迷離

西崎崇子 – 不如重新開始

西崎崇子 – Sole Mio

西崎崇子 – 玫瑰三願

西崎崇子 – 浪漫俄羅斯

Raymond Lefevre Greatest Hits

Richard Clayderman – Love Follows Us

Richard Clayderman – Love Follows Us 2

Peter Breiner – The Awakening Moment

芸能山城組 – 輪迴交響樂

Vanessa Mae – The Violen Player


Handel – Water Music

Vivaldi – The Four Seasons

Dvorak – Symphony No.9 “From the New World”


Natalie Imbruglai

優客李林 – 未完成的優客李林

王馨平 – 不要慰問

劉文娟 – Blue

陳慧嫻 – 幾時再見演唱會

東方之珠 III

蘇慧倫 – 傻瓜

古巨基 – 愛的解釋

古巨基 – 心願

鄭伊健 – 如果天空要下雨

鄭伊健 – Life II


Relaxation – A Time to Dream: A Stormy Night

Relaxation – A Time to Dream: The Mystic Sea

Dan Gibson – Solitudes: Thunderstorm

Dan Gibson – Soltiudes: Ocean Surf

Dan Gibson – Solitudes: The Sound of the Surf

Dan Gibson – Solitudes: By Canoe to Loon lake – Dawn by a Gentle Stream

CBS Massterworks – Dinner Classics: Romance

CBS Massterworks – Dinner Classics: Dinner for Two


任白戲寶 – 帝女花

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