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Musica Intima – This Amazing Day

18th Apr 2009 - 01:59pm Daily Scribble
I have quite an unique concert experience last night at the performance of Musica Intima. This is a small group of armature singers singing in a carol choir unlike any choir you heard in the church or in school. Although the musical piece is arranged…

Valentine @ VSO

14th Feb 2009 - 10:22pm Daily Scribble
Music and love always goes hand in hand. Going to a Vancouver Symphony Orchestra concert is a romantic way to celebrate the Valentine’s Day. Pat heard about the special VSO Valentine event on the radio and we think it make a great night…


20th Dec 2006 - 06:47pm 政治經濟
Mp3可以說是上世紀娛樂工業的最偉大發明﹐自重遇上了mp3知道了下載音樂後﹐我大約已經七八年 沒有買過一隻唱片。現在我的硬碟中和DVD R上﹐合共大約超過100GB的mp3﹐網上找得到可以下載的中文歌曲﹐我大慨也擁有也有八八九九﹐當然主要的貨源還是來自boxup了﹐我差不多每天也…