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潮爆中國 – 李照興

22nd Nov 2008 - 05:17pm 書評
上次回香港遊行逛書店﹐原本想買些說香港文化的書藉﹐視線卻給這本放在旁邊的《潮爆中國》吸引了。曾幾何時中國等於老土的同義詞﹐近十多年中國發展迅速﹐ 在很多方便已經發達﹐甚至超過香港這個小小的南方城市。說來慚愧我雖然生為中國人﹐去過世界各地不少地方﹐可…


2nd Mar 2008 - 03:58pm Daily Scribble
After two weeks staying in Bangalore, I have to get away from city to get a break. So I went to Goa for a weekend trip. Goa is a beach resort town on the west coast of India, which is about 1 hour flight away from Bangalore. Comparing to the busy and polluted…