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The voice of business

9th Sep 2009 - 11:22am News Clips
If companies have a right to free speech as a legal person, why stop there? Maybe companies should also have the rights to vote like a real person. In the matter of fact, we should subject the unions or special interest groups to same restriction…

Executive book summary

9th Jan 2009 - 10:18pm Daily Scribble
When I browsing audio books in the company library, I just discover this hidden treasure hiding on highest level in the bookshelves. The company has a subscription to the executive book summary, that is a book abstract service for busy people.…

home sweet home

27th May 2005 - 12:45am Daily Scribble
After a week long business trip, finally I can sleep comfortably at my own bed tonight. Saskatoon is really the most boring city I had ever visited, although I haven’t visited many cities really. I think I had left foot prints on all shopping…