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Fuji XP70 Waterproof Camera – refunded

23rd Aug 2014 - 09:02pm Product Reviews
I am going to Hawaii for a family vacation, so I need a waterproof camera to capture the beach moment of Marcus. I already borrowed one from my cousin, but I saw the Fuji XP70 on sales at Bestbuy for $180. Why don’t I give it a try, it’s…

Canon PowerShot S100

21st Oct 2012 - 12:02am Product Reviews
My trust old Canon SD-500 is not good enough to take baby photos. I desperately need a new pocket size camera. A large DSLR is not very convenient to carry around while you have to take care of a baby. I have been waiting for the price drop of Canon…

Wansview NC541W Wireless IP Camera

26th Sep 2012 - 01:39pm Product Reviews
I was looking for a baby monitor, but most of full feature baby monitor are quite expensive. Good one with infrared night vision easily costs over $200 and it only comes with one screen, each extra screen costs at least $100. When I was at the Richmond…


17th Dec 2008 - 09:16pm Daily Scribble
I am pretty late to join the DSLR bandwagon. I just bought my first DSLR two months ago. In fact, it’s not even my camera, it’s the birthday present for my wife. When I first got it, I took some snapshot to make sure it works fine. Then…

Canon 450D

23rd Oct 2008 - 08:40pm Product Reviews
I have been resisting the temptation to get a DSLR camera for a long time. Finally I gave up and bought a DSLR camera, Canon 450D. I used to have a film SLR camera when I was in high school, so I am not new to photography. I just have too many other hobbies…