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The Machiavellian Engineer

7th Jun 2010 - 05:38pm News Clips
This is something they never teach in engineering school. I wonder do they teach that in business school? I wonder is there any school actually gives systemic training on the art of Machiavellian.…

Have Designers Lost The Ability To Be Creative?

15th Sep 2009 - 03:38pm News Clips
In the global economy of outsourcing, design knowledge is slowly become a commodity. Low wage workers in third world countries will eventually learn your know-hows and technical skills. The only want to stay competitive is be creative. That’s…

How to explain what is computer engineering to 7th grade

27th May 2009 - 09:39pm Daily Scribble
My friend is an elementary school teacher. Her grade 7 class is having career day to understand different kinds of jobs and she asked me as a guest speaker. I am a toastmaster, so I thought how hard can it be to speak in front of 20 kids. I was wrong.…

The process or the result

28th Apr 2009 - 11:49pm Daily Scribble
I have a friend quited her job and went to study MBA planned for a career change.  Very unfortunately, now she graduate right in the middle of the fiancial crisis.  Jobs opening is drying up everywhere, especially on the traditional MBA related…