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Sponsor a child

16th Mar 2009 - 11:24pm Daily Scribble
I know many of my friends sponsor a child through World Vision. It only cost $35 a month to provide food, shelter, education and a hope to a poor kid in a third world country. This week Chalice, a program similar to World Vision but run by Catholic…

Gapping the generation gap

2nd Mar 2009 - 07:06pm Daily Scribble
Yesterday, Pat’s church choir held a hot pot dinner social gathering event. Although I am not part of the choir, I tagged along as the choir director’s husband and the choir side kick for putting away the microphone after mass every…

Camp visit

3rd Sep 2005 - 09:19pm Daily Scribble
Pat goes to the WCCCLC camp again this year and help out by being a group facilitator. I am exempted from going to the camp this year thanks to SoB’s and Derek’s visit. Still I drove in to give Pat moral support today. The camp site is…


2nd Jun 2005 - 12:24am Daily Scribble
Recently, I got overwhelmed by church activities. There are too many meetings and events going on, and I am stressed out since it eats into my private time. Preparation for Worth Youth Day is good, but do we need to spend so much time doing all these…