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Copyright and wrong

21st Apr 2010 - 05:04pm News Clips
The current copyright is leaning too much to the media companies and stifle the spread of knowledge. Do they really deserve to earn that much money for being merely fat middle men?…

Skype founders launch another lawsuit against eBay

17th Sep 2009 - 11:32am News Clips
Another example on why our intellectual properties legal system is broken. It is simply ridiculous that someone found a technology company, sell it to pocket billions of dollars, then sue the new owner infringe his copyright.…

Google’s big book case

16th Sep 2009 - 10:25pm News Clips
Google is making the first step on the quest to fix the broken and unfair copyright laws. It is not surprising the greedy copyright holders and evil Microsoft object to what will benefit the public out of their own interest.…

Harry Plotter

16th Jul 2005 - 09:53pm Daily Scribble
Today the 6th book of Harry Plotter is released. It is a big media event worldwide. A bookstore in Vancouver start selling at midnight and the police had to close the road to control the crowd. I got the the 5th book on the first day of sales and finished…