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Performance review

10th Feb 2010 - 02:02am Daily Scribble
I had my own performance review every year, but it is the first time I give performance review to my team. Just like giving interview, sitting on the other side of the table is a total difference experience. I am still a supervisor in training,…

Flexible hours

17th Dec 2009 - 10:53pm Daily Scribble
Last year, I was invite to give a talk to grade six student on career day about my work. A student asked me what is the working hours like. I told him engineers work flexible hours. They don’t understand what’s flexible hours, so the…

Career switching move

20th Nov 2009 - 12:35am Daily Scribble
A colleague just resign today and decide to go to medical school. I only got half of the fact when I heard the news, , I thought he is already accepted by medical school so I went to congratulate him. It turns out he is making a very bold move. He has…

Hating what you do

10th Oct 2009 - 11:26pm News Clips
It is easy to keep the employees happy as long as they have hope and sense of control over their life. As long as the company is growing, making lots of money, have a deep profit margin and the employee benefits from the success, the employees will…

Window seat

26th May 2009 - 10:35pm Daily Scribble
After the layoff last year, the size of my company has shrink quite a bit. The current office space seems to be too spacious with empty cubicles here and there. The management decide to lower the rental cost by terminating the lease of the 4th floor.…

Indian bonding

31st Mar 2009 - 12:37am Daily Scribble
The visiting VP is taking the team out for dinner tonight, thank us for the hard work during the project. Business with your boss, your boss’ boss and your boss’ boss’ boss is usually timid and boring, you can’t talking…

Greener grass

8th Feb 2009 - 09:24pm Daily Scribble
My colleague sit next to me just resign. He quits his job to start his own business. My first response is congratulate him getting out of this hell. The executives find new ways to lower the employees’ morale every week, it’s just…

Weekend overtime

1st Feb 2009 - 02:47am Daily Scribble
Weekend overtime only means one thing, the incompetent of the management. This weekend I have to work overtime. It is not just checking emails or dealing with unexpected emergencies. I was asked to come into the office and work like a work day.…

How to demoralize your employees

29th Jan 2009 - 03:23pm Daily Scribble
My company just make a perfect demonstration on how to demoralize your employees. The economy is bad, everywhere is cutting jobs or costs, our company is the same. However, there are two ways of cost cutting, the smart way or the stupid way. Other…

Box Kleenex is gone, what’s next?

19th Jan 2009 - 07:58pm Daily Scribble
In a recession market, it is understandable for a company trying its best to cut its budget in order to stay afloat. However, cutting the supply of box Kleenex to the employees is way too cheap. Not only the box Kleenex won’t save the company…
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