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25th Oct 2008 - 07:16pm Daily Scribble
Possessions are different than assets. Asset has monetary value. It is very liquidate, you can turn your asset back into money in no time. Possessions are simply something you own, you may value them very much, but it may worthy nothing to other…

Toilet Papar

10th Oct 2008 - 07:26am Daily Scribble
Before I come to Indian, I heard that Indians don’t use toilet paper, they use their left hand. I thought it was a joke or it is stories from last centuries. Now I am in Indian, I can confirm the story is true. In a typical Indian toilet, you…

Cultural Experience

7th Mar 2008 - 07:41am Daily Scribble
When we travel aboard, we love to claim that we are there to experience the culture.  We tends to look down on package tour that lock tourists up inside air conditioned coaches and only released them at specific spots to take a few snapshots. …

Some obversations about Indian culture

25th Feb 2008 - 07:15am Daily Scribble
It seems I am writing about India in my blog every day.  Well, I guess I am still experience the cultural shock.  Everything happening around me seems so strange and foreign to me.  Usually people will eventually get over with the cultural…