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Shoot the puppy!

29th Aug 2009 - 12:27pm News Clips
Dogs are breed as pets to serve human. When they cause more problem than benefit to us, it is time to eliminate them. I support the idea of killing all mongrels to give us a safer street.…


29th Jul 2005 - 08:30pm Daily Scribble
Haven’t have time to write my blog for the past few days. My San Jose business trip is brutal. Don’t even think about saving money for the company, you deserve the most comfortable trip within your signing authority. If anyone go…

Return of Pat

25th Jul 2005 - 09:54pm Daily Scribble
Finally Pat will come back to Vancouver tomorrow and I can be relief from the duty of taking care of Charlie. I miss my own place and my bed. I have been taking good care of Charlie. I walked him everyday and play fetch the ball with him on weekends.…


9th Jul 2005 - 10:31pm Daily Scribble
It was Jason’s birthday today, we go to have dinner in Richmond to celebrate his big day, then head to Jason’s place to continue the party. The night was fun, we had karaoke, mahjong, poker and lots of beer. Out of co-incident, it…


4th Jul 2005 - 09:36pm Daily Scribble
Haven’t seen my aunties and cousins for quite a long time. I was always too busy to visit them. Tonight, finally I have time and bother enough to call them up for dinner. It’s surprise to me that I learn one of my cousin is getting marry…