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Therapist-free therapy

26th Mar 2011 - 10:30am News Clips
Looks like psychologist will be out of work soon and they will be replaced by computer programs. I never trust those talk therapy anyways, the couch only works in the movies.Mar 3rd 2011, The Economist Cognitive-bias modification may put the…

Driven to distraction

23rd Jan 2010 - 09:57pm News Clips
Mr. Pink is dead wrong. Intrinsic rewards and the pleasure gain from doing a job well only comes if the job is paid well. You will simply feel ripped off if you are not rewarded accordingly.Jan 14th 2010, The Economist Two and a half cheers for sticks…

Secrets of the Economist’s Trade

3rd Jan 2010 - 07:17pm News Clips
I think I have the potential to be an economist, I think I am as cheap as them. Next time when my wife complains about me being cheap, I can tell her I am just concern about economy efficient.…

Animal welfare, Catheter and mouse

20th May 2009 - 10:59am News Clips
Human first, animal second. It is acceptable to regulate animal experiment for better efficiency, but we should not stop animal experiment because animal suffers, as long as it brings benefits to mankind.…