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Easter Vigil

12th Apr 2009 - 09:23am Daily Scribble
The Church has many masses in a year, the regular Sunday mass, special occasions like church festivals, days of significants, Christmas or Easter.  Among all the masses, the Easter Vigil is the longest mass of the year.  Jesus was crucified…

Good Friday Retreat

11th Apr 2009 - 11:20am Daily Scribble
I am not a good christian according to the Church’s standard.  I don’t like going to church every week, although I don’t mind.  Actually, I don’t even agree with the teaching that christians should go to church…

Camp visit

3rd Sep 2005 - 09:19pm Daily Scribble
Pat goes to the WCCCLC camp again this year and help out by being a group facilitator. I am exempted from going to the camp this year thanks to SoB’s and Derek’s visit. Still I drove in to give Pat moral support today. The camp site is…


26th Jun 2005 - 07:22pm Daily Scribble
I am very exhausted today. After the auction dinner last night, I have to get up early at seven thirty this morning for another fund raising event, car washing at St. Paul. I think the word volunteer work or WYD promotion as a more appropriate description.…

faith formation

18th Jun 2005 - 08:33pm Daily Scribble
I went to the 2nd faith formation session held by the Vancouver archdiocese for everyone who is going the World Youth Day. The topic is on prayers, presented by the Youth Ministry director and the newly ordinate deacon Anthony. Claymoo make…


12th Jun 2005 - 02:22am Daily Scribble
What is freedom? Does a person has the right to think freely and act freely as long as it doesn’t cause any harm to anyone? In a relationship, why both partner had to think alike and act alike? Can two people with totally different character…


2nd Jun 2005 - 12:24am Daily Scribble
Recently, I got overwhelmed by church activities. There are too many meetings and events going on, and I am stressed out since it eats into my private time. Preparation for Worth Youth Day is good, but do we need to spend so much time doing all these…

surrender to God

1st May 2005 - 12:02am Daily Scribble
Today is the first faith session organized by the Archdiocese of Vancouver for everyone going to the World Youth Day. Out of my surprise, everyone form our parish team went to the session, and we were probably the biggest group there. The session…

wash feet

24th Mar 2005 - 11:59pm Daily Scribble
Today is the day before easter friday, according to the Bible, tonight is when the last supper took place. I went to the passover mass at St. Marks college in UBC tonight. On top of the usual rituals, there is a feet washing event in the mass. I had…

jumping the boat

11th Mar 2005 - 02:27am Daily Scribble
I went to 3 farewell events for my colleagues in one day. First it’s the farewell lunch for Renee, then afternoon I went to beer and wings for Scott, and at least I hopped to the pub for Renee’s party again. There are many people leaving…
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