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The parable of the sower

29th Nov 2009 - 11:34pm News Clips
Monsanto is one of the few stocks actually made me some money. Well, my Monsanto stocks just became my new kitchen. I am always pro genetic modified food. I am still waiting the day that they can grow meat on tree.…

The fad for functional foods

24th Sep 2009 - 09:57pm News Clips
Organic food is out of fashion. Welcome genetic modify food with enhanced nutrition. Artificial gotta be better than the natural product, otherwise where is the value add of human?…

You know when it is really hot

25th Apr 2009 - 12:53am Daily Scribble
When I was in Bangalore, my friend showed me around the town.  Now, he is visiting Vancouver, it’s my turn to show him around.  I don’t want to taking him to the typical tourist traps.  I have been to those places too many times. …

Organic food

12th Mar 2009 - 10:48pm Daily Scribble
Organic food is getting more and more popular these days. Health conscious consumers love to buy organic products, despite its higher price. Organic food suppose not to use any chemical fertilizer or pesticide. However any farm can put the…

We are what we eat

7th Mar 2009 - 06:26pm Daily Scribble
I thought vegetarians who don’t eat meat are quite out of their mind. Then I met believers of Jainism who not only don’t eat meat, but also don’t eat any animal product like milk, honey or egg. Then I met the some weirdo who don’t…

Valentine dinner

15th Feb 2009 - 09:52pm Daily Scribble
Every year on Valentine’s day, fine dinning restaurant are much more busy than usual. I suspect they are even busier than X’mas day or New Year. It seems going out to have a nice dinner with your love one is a fixed program to celebrate…

India’s new soft drink

12th Feb 2009 - 09:38pm Daily Scribble
The Japanese had pioneer urine drinking as natural medicine, now the India push the edge eve further, marking a soft drink from cow urine. I can’t believe it is real, but here is what I read form the news, see it yourself at this link. We all…

Fruit manual

3rd Dec 2008 - 08:37pm Daily Scribble
Nowadays, even fruit come with a user manual. I went to grocery shopping at Superstores and come across a weird looking fruit, Pomegranate. It is red in color, in the shape of an onion, looks like a decoration ball on a X’mas tree. I have…

Dinner plan

7th Oct 2008 - 04:37am Daily Scribble
I am the unofficial Bangalore food guide.  Whenever I am in town, I will take care of dinner arrangement for everyone staying in the guest house.  It does not take much time, but the return is great.  I only have to spent 5 minutes every day to…

Indian and beef

23rd Jul 2008 - 10:21pm Daily Scribble
When I worked in India, I made friends to a few colleagues in the Bangalore office.  They shown me show me around town on weekends and we had lots of fun together.  One of them is visiting Vancouver for work, so it is my turn to be the host and show…
Page 1 of 3123