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German 3

29th Jun 2005 - 11:03pm Daily Scribble
I finished my 8 lessons of German 3. This is a semi-private course at the teacher’s place. I think it is much better than the classroom course offered at the Vancouver school. The class is smaller, each of us get more time. The environment…

Bubbling wine

16th Jun 2005 - 09:02pm Daily Scribble
In today’s German class, the teacher offered us some bubbling wine to celebrate her admission to UBC education program. It seems that we have alcohol in every one of the past few German classes. It’s nice to have beer or wine and…

Deutsch Level 3

13th May 2005 - 12:30am Daily Scribble
German level 3 is much harder than German level 2 I had taken last term. The class is much smaller, and we had to speak in German for practice. The teacher also speaks a lot more German this time, even though she is speaking slow, I could only understand…


16th Mar 2005 - 03:10am Daily Scribble
Today is the last day of my level 2 German class. So far I had took 16 classes, my German is still pretty bad, especially my pronunciation. This time I get enough people interested in continuing to study the next level. Hopefully my German will…

Deutsche field trip

9th Mar 2005 - 02:47am Daily Scribble
Tonight, in the second half of my German lesson, the whole class went to a German restaurant for dinner. We had to order our food and talked to the waitress in deutsche. It is the first experience to use German outside classroom, and I realize how…