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拉開智能家居科技大戰的序幕,試玩Google Home Mini

25th Nov 2017 - 01:57am 科技

Google Daydream VR 初玩感想 – 虛擬實境會步3D的後塵嗎?

4th Dec 2016 - 01:25am 電腦
買了Pixel電話,沒有理由不買Daydream View。Daydream未推出時已經預定,美國出了好幾個星期,等到頸到長終於收貨。急不及待,馬上開來玩。身在公司,為免玩VR的傻樣被拍下來公諸於世,當然不能在座位玩,book間會議室躲起來玩。返工時玩耍倒沒有所謂,在高科技公司工作,只要準時交到貨,基本上不返工也沒有問題。開盒沒有什麼驚喜,未到手前上網早已看過不少開盒報告,不過VR這玩意,讀他人的文字完全不能身同感受,要自己試過才有知好壞。…

Google Pixel 第一天實戰測試

26th Oct 2016 - 01:34am 電腦
望穿秋水,終於等到Google Pixel寄到。我是Google手機的忠實擁躉,先後擁有平價王Nexus 5,和Mo記大機Nexus 6。三叔,小米那些不是純正統血的Andriod,只有Google原味版才是正宗。開盒報告不用我寫,網上有很多影片可以看。有趣是跟機有兩條USB-C線,一條兩邊都是USB-C頭,用來插叉電器,另一條是舊USB-A大頭,用來插電腦。有一舊細USB-A…

Nexus 5

13th Nov 2013 - 12:10am Product Reviews
My old first generation Samsung Galaxy S is at the end of its life, it is so slow that it becomes unusable. I have been waiting for the new Nexus 5 since rumors shows up in the summer. The Nexus 5 exactly fit my need. a no-frill unlock phone at a very…

Nexus 7 (2013)

31st Jul 2013 - 06:31pm Product Reviews
Finally the wait is over, I bought my first tablet. I’ve been waiting for the right one for over a year, I want a tablet with powerful specification and yet at a reasonable price. The iPad is way over my budget, and I don’t like the gimmicky…

Google 2.4% Rate Shows How $60 Billion Lost to Tax Loopholes

6th Jan 2011 - 08:50pm News Clips
Corporate tax law just create jobs for tax lawyers and accountants and won’t bring in much revenue to the government. Why don’t they simply scrape corporate tax and tax personal income of the executives instead. The executives…

Google 411

1st Mar 2010 - 09:53pm Daily Scribble
Whenever I used 411 to look up the phone number I need, I always feel being ripped off by the telephone company. The information is free out there on the internet, yet my mobile carrier charges me 50 cents for each call. Now, I don’t have to…

Whistler on Google Street View

9th Feb 2010 - 11:16pm Daily Scribble
It is pretty cool seeing Whistler mapped by Google Street View. The runs looks quite difference in street view than when I am skiing on it. I guess when I am skiing, I was too focus on not falling down. I didn’t take a good look at the scenery…

Google Warns of China Exit Over Hacking

13th Jan 2010 - 12:30am News Clips
Bravo to Google. They really live up to their corporate motto: “Don’t do evil”. They have the guts say no to the Chinese government. No one know where history will lead, but Google may very well trigger the fall of the communist…

Google Wave

25th Nov 2009 - 12:30am Daily Scribble
Google like to release their new service to the public while it is still in beta. Gmail and Google Talk was in beta for a few years before it finally make an official release. Google Wave is the latest invention from Google. It is aim to revolutionize…
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