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Great people talk about ideas Average people talk about things Small people talk about other people.

— Eleanor Roosevelt



24th Feb 2012 - 03:30pm
SW/FW Automated Test Framework and Debug Toolkit for System Testing In Design/IP Track Presentation of the 53rd Design Automation Conference (DAC 2016, Austin TX, Jun 4 – Jun 9, 2016) Abstract: This presentation outlines a novel SW/FW…

Moving to RAID

2nd Feb 2008 - 10:36pm Daily Scribble
My computer is dead.  Windows refuse to restart.  The computer keep rebooting itself on the XP logo screen.  I was horrified, worrying losing all my data.  Hardware failure is not a big deal, you can always replace the broken parts.  However…

Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop

25th Apr 2006 - 07:32pm Product Reviews
My laptop (Inspiron 6400) ordered from Dell has arrived today. It is the first laptop I ever own, excluding the piece of junk PMC gave me when I started working. I am quite happy with the laptop, except it doesn’t have enough memory. I know…


22nd Jun 2005 - 09:35pm Daily Scribble
Today continues the painful process of installing software. I get most of the software installed, and I realized I forgot to copy two very important pieces of information from my old hard drive, they are my firefox bookmark and palm desktop…

Computer Crash

21st Jun 2005 - 05:37pm Daily Scribble
Fortunately, I am able to recover the data from my harddisk after running fixboot, fixmbr, chkdsk /p and fdisk /mbr on the recovery console from the Windows XP CD. However, unfortunately, the OS is beyond repair, I can’t even start file…

Dual monitors

20th Jun 2005 - 04:56pm Daily Scribble
Finally I received my dual LCDs at work after waiting for almost two months since I had talked to Uncle Bob. Colleagues gathered around my cube today and check out the dual LCD setting. I am not sure how to measure the productivity increase using…

cheap computer

8th Jun 2005 - 12:48am Daily Scribble
I’m still struggling whether should I take the advantage of the computer bundle from Microsoft and AMD. The deal is part of the Tech Road Show package, with sell 64-bit AMD CPU, Asus mother board and 64-bit XP for US$250. The hardware alone…

Apple and intel

6th Jun 2005 - 11:42pm Daily Scribble
The only big news for all the geeks around the world happened today is that Apple annouced it will ditch IBM/Freescale and switch to Intel processors in the future. That could means the Macintosh strike back after it lost the OS war to Microsoft.…