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Plans are nothing; planning is everything.

— Dwight D. Eisenhower


Printing body parts

11th Mar 2010 - 12:02am News Clips
Printing body part using 3D bio-printer sounds like sci-fi coming to reality. It can print tissues now, but sooner or later, they can print a whole limb with bones and tissue. Maybe we can even print a complete human and use the 3D bio-printer…

Gut worms protect against allergy

27th Sep 2009 - 11:44am News Clips
Should I swallow some hookworms to cure my allergies and asthma?…

Eczema’s link to asthma

3rd Jun 2009 - 11:15pm News Clips
I suffers from both eczema and asthma. It would be a good news if the scientists find a cure to both of them.…

Mental Wellness

21st Mar 2009 - 12:22am Daily Scribble
Tonight I went to a talk about schizophrenia and bipolar disorder hosted by Chinese Mental Wellness Association of Canada. The association invited a UBC psychology professor to give some general information about the two mental problem.…

Health service in Vancouver

13th Jan 2009 - 08:32pm Daily Scribble
Canada is famous for its medicare system. It is expensive, that’s why our tax rate is so high. I never understand why it cost so much until my father in law has a surgery in the Vancouver General Hospital. The surgery is a success, the treatment…

Nevus of Ota

18th Dec 2008 - 08:38pm Daily Scribble
The son of my friend got this rare “Nevus of Ota” disease. It start with a small birthmark on the face and it grows bigger as the boy grows. My friend is worrying about the condition of his baby. Luckily, according to my other doctor…

Charlie has cancer

2nd Dec 2008 - 08:50pm Daily Scribble
Our family dog, Charlie, is 13 years old. Pat grew up with it since a little girl. Charlie is a very adorable golden retriever. Now, it is getting old and it can’t even get up on its own due hip problem. We have to help it getting up by giving…


30th Jan 2008 - 08:31pm Daily Scribble
It is wise to take immunization and vaccines before traveling to third world countries.  Those places are so poor in hygiene that have many deadly diseases.  I just visited the travel clinic today before my trip to India.  I guess India is…


1st Mar 2005 - 11:21pm Daily Scribble
Depression used to be a foreign concept to me, I don’t remember I feel really unhappy for an extended persion of time since the I have memory. Just somehow I don’t feel right for the past week and it getting worse, probably the worst…


24th Feb 2005 - 12:07am Daily Scribble
Ahh… Choo… Somehow I just keep sneezing all night tongiht, after I had a single badminton game with Edwin. I try to control my sneeze during the game and got my eyes all watery. The worst part is that you can feel your nose is very itchy…