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How to write a good history essay

5th Jan 2010 - 01:11am Daily Scribble
Pat is taking a course in Canadian history and has to hand in a final essay. She has read all the textbook and all the reference papers, but she still have no clue how to write a good essay. She summarized all points from different historians, but…

Hampi – the hidden jewel of India

21st Apr 2008 - 08:14am Daily Scribble
Hampi is probably one of the hidden treasure of India.  It was the capital of the largest Indian kingdom in 14th century.  It is glorious day, its has over half a million population.  Then the Muslim rulers came and destroy everyone.  Now…

Visiting Taj Mahal

8th Apr 2008 - 07:36am Daily Scribble
If you are visiting India, Taj Mahal is the one thing you have to visit. Without seeing Taj Mahal, you can’t say you have been to India. The last weekend is Indian new year, so we get a four days long weekend. I had arranged a trip to see Taj Mahal…

Left or right

22nd Jul 2005 - 07:28pm Daily Scribble
When I am searching for power socket format used in Europe, I came across an interesting article on origin of driving direction. Some countries drive on the left hand side of the road, which is Japan, UK and its former colonies, and the rest of…