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Building my own closet

26th Mar 2010 - 10:12pm Product Reviews
Finally I moved in to my new house, albeit the renovation is not totally finished. It just marks the beginning of many DIY home improvement projects. The first project is building the closets. The closets came with the house is those very ugly…

Cutting wood

22nd Jan 2010 - 01:20am Daily Scribble
Today is the second class of my wood working class. I bought three pieces of birch wood last Sunday to make a small table. I learn how to cut the a rough wood into the required shape in today’s class. The cutting steps are pretty simple. 1.…

Woodworking 101

15th Jan 2010 - 12:29am Daily Scribble
I am taking woodworking for beginner at Vancouver School Board. Today is the first day of eight lessons. At the end of the lessons, I will build a small table with a drawer. Before today’s class, I always thought how can can woodworking…

Milwaukee M18

11th Sep 2009 - 08:39pm Product Reviews
It is man’s duty to maintain the house. When something is broken, the man of the house should know some easy repair skills. Being a handy man in the house is what defines the masculinity of a man. A power drill to has man living in a house is…