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More thoughts on interview

28th Aug 2009 - 12:11pm Daily Scribble
My project team is hiring again. This round we have 3 opening for verification position and 2 opening for design position. I have been interviewing every day for the past two weeks and met over 10 candidates. I have met some good ones and some bad…

Interview Tips

6th Jun 2009 - 03:45pm Daily Scribble
I have been interviewing over 20 candidates in the past few weeks for the three full time positions we are hiring. I would like to summarize the good and the bad about the interviewees and share some interview tips for potential job seekers. I…

Whom to hire?

29th May 2009 - 01:42am Daily Scribble
After 3 weeks of interview, we have narrowed down to two candidates for a new grad position. Both of them have good enough, but not superb, technical skills. Both of them have good evaluation from previous co-op work term with my company. Both…

Interview from a different perspective

22nd May 2009 - 12:49am Daily Scribble
Contrary to the hiring freeze, my department is hiring new people, both new graduate and engineer position. I have been spending lots of my time doing interview in the past two weeks. I haven’t went to any interview for many years. This…


29th Jul 2008 - 06:56pm Daily Scribble
I have been doing lots of interviews recently.  My project is half way and it is very behind in the schedule.  How do we get into this mess in the first place?  As usual it is bad management decision.  Somehow we underestimate the complexity…