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Selling old kitchen cabinets

3rd Jan 2010 - 11:40pm Daily Scribble
We are remodeling our kitchen, remove the old cabinets and install new ones. The problem is what to do with our old cabinets? Technically speaking, the old cabinets are junks to me. Actually they are worse than junks, because if I would have to…

Design your kitchen

29th Nov 2009 - 12:59am Daily Scribble
After going back and forth with our kitchen designer for almost a month, at last we finalized our kitchen design and placed the order. Direct Buy has a really good deal buying kitchen cabinets. I went to the Kitchen Craft showroom trying to get…

Dream kitchen almost comes true

5th Nov 2009 - 10:30pm Daily Scribble
Technically speaking it is not my dream kitchen, it is Pat’s dream kitchen. Ok, a guy don’t have a dream kitchen, maybe a dream garage, but definitely not a dream kitchen. For the past two days, I was losing sleep worrying about my…