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California Proposition 2

7th Nov 2008 - 09:18pm Daily Scribble
In the US election, the voters not only vote for the president. They also vote for many other things. In some states, they vote for senators, in other states, they have referendum on new legislation. In California, proposition 8 snatch many…

Florda teacher case

19th Jul 2005 - 11:41pm Daily Scribble
In the news, there is a24 years old female teacher in Florida charged of having sex with her 14 years old student. This news brings some discussion to the Lasallian email group. Someone us believe that she should be free of charge, something is…

traffic ticket

1st Apr 2005 - 01:43pm Daily Scribble
I had my speed ticket disputed today, by luck the cop didn’t show up and I’m free of charge. I think the whole speeding ticket system is a scam of the government to make money. I got ticket on the down hill section of Boundary Road on…