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How to demoralize your employees

29th Jan 2009 - 03:23pm Daily Scribble
My company just make a perfect demonstration on how to demoralize your employees. The economy is bad, everywhere is cutting jobs or costs, our company is the same. However, there are two ways of cost cutting, the smart way or the stupid way. Other…

Box Kleenex is gone, what’s next?

19th Jan 2009 - 07:58pm Daily Scribble
In a recession market, it is understandable for a company trying its best to cut its budget in order to stay afloat. However, cutting the supply of box Kleenex to the employees is way too cheap. Not only the box Kleenex won’t save the company…


23rd Jun 2005 - 08:34pm Daily Scribble
There is another round of layoff today in the company. We had already lost track of the number of layoff, it maybe the fifth or the sixth round. It is not affecting the Headquarter in Burnaby at all. Over 60 engineers are let go in the Santa Clara…

project management

18th Feb 2005 - 12:05am Daily Scribble
In macrosopic level, after the forth round laid off last week and mass exodus followed by the end of ESPP period, the company is in totall disarray. There are many projects seriously under resources and they have to cancell other projects in…