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research progress

18th Apr 2005 - 08:34am Daily Scribble
– setup CVS shared between cygwin and linux – ported Eurane module to ns 2.28 – installed tcl-debug – debugged avoidReordering_ warning…

newton’s three laws of graduation

23rd Mar 2005 - 12:10am Daily Scribble
We all had learnt Newton’s famous three laws of motion in highschool physic, which all of us accepted as universal truth since then. (Well, at least in non-nano, non-quantum scale). Now someone has discovered the long lost Newton’s…


10th Mar 2005 - 12:25am Daily Scribble
Today after the meeting with Dr. Hardy, on my way back to Burnaby on the skytrain, I gave some advice on research to first year grad student. I’m kinda surprise she does not even know how to use IEEE Explorer, yet already has a paper published…


5th Mar 2005 - 01:27am Daily Scribble
When I am reading many journal papers this afternoon, I was wondering how many of those research paper are actually practical in reality? It seems many of them are just like my thesis, they are written for the sake of being written. I can’t…


3rd Mar 2005 - 12:31am Daily Scribble
I finally start working on my thesis today, I had written the introduction section so far. It’s a good start. I found it quite hard for myselt to concentrate on doing one thing. There is always a urge to do something else and I have to fight…


2nd Mar 2005 - 11:48pm Daily Scribble
Today is a rough day for me. First I went to Whistler with Chris early in the morning and the condition is not very good. The mountain is very foggy with low visibility, the snow at the top is ok but down in the middle is all slushy, even worse it’s…