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Nothing is more dangerous than an idea, when you only have one.

— Alain Chartier


How green is your pet?

30th Dec 2009 - 02:38am News Clips
A dog’s eco-footprint equals to two gas hungry SUVs. Maybe the environmentalist should stop protesting against the car drivers, they should protest against the pet owners. If we raise carbon tax at the gas pump to help fighting the climate…

In memory of Charlie

3rd May 2009 - 09:27pm Daily Scribble
Charlie Chan-Ma (1995-2009), after several months of suffering from cancer, it left us quietly yesterday.  Charlie is the most adorable and most lovely Golden Retriever in this world.  Living with it changed my view on dogs and pets. …

Pet Euthanasia

17th Apr 2009 - 03:32pm Daily Scribble
Charlie has diagnosed with lung cancer and possible cancer in other vital organs.  Although it can still eat, drink and walk, he is much less active than he used to be.  I have been wanting to put it to sleep in SPCA to end his suffering, but Pat…


19th Mar 2009 - 05:52am Daily Scribble
I just know cats can have AIDS too. I read it from a poster at the animal hospital when I take Charlie to see a vet. There is HIV for human and there is FIV (Feline immunodeficiency virus) for cats. There is about 10% of cats in North America are FIV…

Greedy Vet

6th Mar 2009 - 08:33pm Daily Scribble
Today I just pay $400 to have my dog cut open for no reason. My dog, Charlie, has a big lump around his neck. The vet said it could be parathyroid cancer and suggest us to have the lump removed. We made appointment with the Vet for the dog have the surgery…

Charlie has cancer

2nd Dec 2008 - 08:50pm Daily Scribble
Our family dog, Charlie, is 13 years old. Pat grew up with it since a little girl. Charlie is a very adorable golden retriever. Now, it is getting old and it can’t even get up on its own due hip problem. We have to help it getting up by giving…

Walk the dog

24th Jun 2005 - 08:12pm Daily Scribble
I found taking care of Charlie, the golden retriever of Pat, is quite time consuming. I have to remember feed him every morning before I go to work and go home early to feed him dinner. Since he is very bored staying home all day, I try to walk him every…

dog in house

4th Jun 2005 - 11:30pm Daily Scribble
Today finally Charlie conquered my home. I was sick last night and slept for 16 hours straight skipping dinner. This morning Pat prepared some chicken rice soup for me and came to visit me with Charlie. It was Charlie’s first time taking…