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Mountek MK5000 CD Slot Mount

2nd Mar 2011 - 10:55pm Product Reviews
After I bought my Android smart phone, it is naturally that I am going to play mp3 and navigate with the built-in GPS when I am driving. Therefore I need to buy a phone mount to hold the smart phone inside the car. There are only two types of phone mount…

Samsung Galaxy S Captivate

12th Nov 2010 - 09:30pm Product Reviews
My Palm Treo has reached the end of its lift, it is time to buy a new cell phone. I have been debating whether or not should I get the iPhone 4. iPhone 4 is sleek but I disapprove the control freak business tactics of Apple. Although almost everyone…

Google’s GPS Sneak Attack

21st Nov 2009 - 09:24pm News Clips
It’s about time to upgrade my aging Palm Treo. Apple is evil, so I won’t buy an iPhone. Palm is lame, so I won’t buy a Pre. I am waiting for a good Android phone.…

Bluetooth Headset

21st Feb 2007 - 10:07pm Product Reviews
My new Treo 680 has built-in bluetooth connection, which is pretty much a standard feature of all new cell phones. To get the most out of my new phone, I set out to buy a bluetooth headset so that I can talk wirelessly. I browsed alot bluetooth headsets…

Cell phone

21st Jul 2005 - 07:58pm Daily Scribble
I forgot to bring my cell phone to work in two consecutive days. I have a habit put all the stuff I have to bring everyday in one spot, and put everything into my pockets in the morning blindly. If I don’t see the thing, there is a high chance…