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Project Management Fundamental course

16th Jul 2010 - 09:37pm Daily Scribble
I challenged the PMP exam without having any project management training. I just studied the exam questions like I studied for any other public exams. When I got my PMP credential, I joked that I don’t have any practical knowledge of a…

PMP Exam

11th Feb 2010 - 01:03am Daily Scribble
After 200 MC questions, 4 hours exam, I got the PMP credential. Seeing how my department is run compare to the other department downstairs, I definitely support the value of project management. Everyone can tells the difference between a smooth…

My PMP exam study plan

8th Jan 2010 - 11:49pm Daily Scribble
My company starting to put more emphasis in project management. They try to avoid having the employees to work insane overtime, having forever slipping the project schedule and most important of all, minimize the risk of the project. They…