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When the Problem Is the Problem

24th Jun 2011 - 04:18pm Daily Scribble
This is the only thing I learned from my master degree. Asking the right question is half way done to get the right answer. In fact asking the right question probably more important than getting the right answer. Once you stated the question correctly,…

research progress

18th Apr 2005 - 08:34am Daily Scribble
– setup CVS shared between cygwin and linux – ported Eurane module to ns 2.28 – installed tcl-debug – debugged avoidReordering_ warning…

network simulator

7th Apr 2005 - 01:18am Daily Scribble
I have been sturggling with ns2 for the past 24 hours. ns2 is an open source network simulation implemented in tcl and C++. It suppose to be one of the most popular academic reseach tool in communication network. My problem right now is the compliation…


10th Mar 2005 - 12:25am Daily Scribble
Today after the meeting with Dr. Hardy, on my way back to Burnaby on the skytrain, I gave some advice on research to first year grad student. I’m kinda surprise she does not even know how to use IEEE Explorer, yet already has a paper published…


5th Mar 2005 - 01:27am Daily Scribble
When I am reading many journal papers this afternoon, I was wondering how many of those research paper are actually practical in reality? It seems many of them are just like my thesis, they are written for the sake of being written. I can’t…